Quick Start

PyTradier first needs to have the Tradier class initialized, which is how the program logs into the API. This is required since all of Tradier’s API is private and requires authentication before accessing. This can be done using the following example:

import PyTradier

tradier = Tradier(token='abc123', account_id='123456', sandbox=False)

The initialization for Tradier takes three parameters:

  • token Your API access token provided by Tradier. Required.
  • account_id The ID number associated with your Tradier Brokerage account. You will only have this if you have opened a Brokerage account with Tradier. Optional.
  • endpoint Determines whether the developer sandbox, brokerage sandbox, or full API endpoint will be used. Developer sandbox has limited access, but is completely free. The full API requires a Brokerage account. Brokerage accounts also come with a sandbox account for paper trading and has the capabilites of the full API. Optional.

Once the Tradier class has been initialized, all submodules can be called like this:

stocks = tradier.stock('AAPL', 'MSFT')
options = tradier.option('AAPL170630P00130000')